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There's a train coming

It was election night.  I was driving across town to drop off my mail-in ballot that I hadn't gotten mailed.  Curtis Mayfield's People Get Ready came on the radio and it struck me as profoundly apt to the night.

Cut to later that evening, nervously watching the returns.  Filled with hope and anxiety in equal measure.  And then I remembered the song and went looking for it.  I found the youtube video and was in the process of posting it to LJ when they proclaimed Obama the next President of the United States - the entry is time stamped Nov 4th, 2008 at 9 PM.

Watching the coverage of the Obama Express yesterday, I was tearing up with emotion, feeling just an overwhelming love for this man.  And this song still plays in my head, it will forever be associated with Obama to me, it embodies hope.

A week or so ago I saw a headline proclaiming The President and his father would be interviewed together.  My reaction was "but Obama's father is dead" and it was a long moment before it sunk in that Bush was still President; I didn't realize until that moment how in my head Obama was already President.  But there's a train coming and soon the moment will be here.  The Moment - it's even become a catch phrase for CNN.  I never remember such excitement, such expectation, for an Inauguration.  I barely have any memories of any Inauguration period.

The only train ride like yesterday's I can remember is a somber one, the one carrying Bobby Kennedy's body.  And I hate that the specter of assassination still fills me with fear.  Thru my tears of joy I still say a little prayer to keep Obama safe.

I took leave Tuesday so I can stay home and watch the Inauguration...I've never felt history shimmering so bright, so ripe.  I've been reading a biography of Lincoln, one written in the 1980s, and the following resonated deeply with me:

"He had a moral vision of where his country must go to preserve and enlarge the rights of all her people...he had an acute sense of history - an ability to identify himself with a historical turning point in his time and to articulate the promise that held for the liberation of oppressed humanity the world over...he perceived the truth of his age and embodied it in his words and his interaction with the spirit and events of his day, he made momentous moral decisions that affected the course of humankind".

Obama's decisions are yet to come - but he has the moral vision, he has the sense of history, he has the ability to articulate the challenges and promises of our age, he perceives the truth of our age and he embodies it in his words and deeds.  I sense the power of greatness and I am filled with the power of hope.

fractured fairy

Oh the humanity

It was 1 pm. 

My shoelace had come untied.  I lifted my foot to my knee to tie my shoelace.  Something looked amiss with my pant leg.  Why could I see the hem I pondered.

Because I had my slacks on inside out.

And that's all I have to say about that.
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If there are one or more people on your friends list who make your world a better place, just because they exist, & who you would not have met (in real life or not) without the internet, then post this same sentence in your journal
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More Christian the Lion

This has a little more/different footage than the original video (and no story titles)

The reunion scene still makes me 6th grade teacher, Mrs. Adams, read us all the Born Free books and they left a lasting impression.
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Elsewhere, just in case

7 1/2 years of LJ has been backed up to my Tinyboxes Wordpress blog:

I had, at some point in the past, started to import my old pre-LJ online journal entries, which date from Dec 97.  I actually had an online journal of one sort or another since 1995, but they were sporadic and on various geocities pages (back when they were truly cities) and I think mostly lost at this point.  I need to finish that job sometime...just as I need to import all my poetry, artwork, etc.  Someday.

If LJ disappears my main concern is keeping up with everyone on my friends list...I may not be a good commentor but I am a religious reader and I'd sincerely miss everyone.

I can be found at the following:

Tiny Boxes
Teacosy (the history is still there, hidden, and I may unhide it again some day, plus I toyed with making a knitting blog with it, but I'm not knitting these days, but regardless, I can never let go of teacosy)
Fotki (mostly older photos and art work)
MySpace (used for reading only, I don't keep it up)

I've got a vox account and I think I have a blogger account still, but if LJ isn't around I'll probably use tinyboxes for blogging and google reader and facebook for keeping up with everyone else.
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How not to fall asleep

Decide not to take your “sleep better” pill because you have the next 4 days off

Decide to play with the binaural apps you downloaded to your iPod Touch

Get bored and decide to play with the nature sounds apps you downloaded to your iPod Touch

Hear a Native American flute track and think of Coyote Oldman

Decide to go to iTunes on your iPod Touch to look for Coyote Oldman

Start listening to Coyote Oldman samples

Decide you ought to search for another certain Flute Man

Get overwhelmed by the number of albums and the shortness of the samples

Decide to go to Pandora on the IPod Touch and see if you can create a Native American station

Open up Pandora and discover you left it on The Monkees station

Start listening to the Monkees and Beatles tracks that keep playing and relieve Junior High

Sing along with Sweet Young Thing and disturb your puppies

Finally remember about the Native American station

Create one and be pleased that the first track is Coyote Oldman

Wonder if you can create a Renaissance station

Create one and discover it’s some group called Renaissance.  Or something.

Delete that and try creating a Gregorian Chant station.

Sign contentedly and plan to fall asleep to Gregorian Chants

Have something in one of the chants trigger a memory of Pavane

Decide you have to have Pavane on your iPod Touch

Go to iTunes and search for Pavane

Discover there are apparently over 700 versions of Pavane available, none of which is the version you want.

The version you want is the one on the Princess Diana tribute CD

Discover that CD is not available on iTunes

Try using the iPod Touch Amazon program and get frustrated with the lack of information shown

Go to your notebook computer and search for Princess Diana since you can’t remember the total name of the CD

Finally find the CD and discover the version you want is by Lesley Garrett

Don’t want to buy the entire CD and it doesn’t seem you can buy individual tracks from Amazon

Google the CD title, hoping to find the individual track to buy/.download

Find a lot of bit torrent links

Remember that you installed bit torrent long ago and never used it

Try to use bit torrent which doesn’t work and you don’t feel like fooling with it to fix it

Resume Googling

Find links to download, all of which involve paid subscriptions

Finally discover Amazon does have MP3 downloads

Find the track you want and download it

Put it on repeat and watch the sun rise
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A family gathering - not Christmas, but my grandparents 50th Anniversary.  The men of my childhood.  First row, left to right, my Uncle Jimmy (father's sister's husband, childhood friend of my father's), my Uncle Merle (father's only brother), my Uncle Bill (my other aunt's husband).  Second row, left ro right, Grandpa Henry (father of Uncle Jimmy, my cousin's grandpa, not mine, but still he was my Grandpa Henry), Cousin Jess (my father's favorite cousin), Pa (my grandpa), my father.

It looks so 60s.  They all look so young.  I can hear their voices in my head.  Each one special to me in their own way when I was a kid.  All gone.

Sometimes I feel so alone.