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You may break, you may shatter, the vase if you will

But the scent of roses will hang round it still

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Her romantic mind was like the tiny boxes,
one within the other,
that come from the puzzling East,
however many you discover
there is always one more.

- J.M.Barrie, The Adventures of Peter Pan

World of Warcraft, as of 22 Dec 2008: Runetotem, Level 70 Female Orc Warlock, Soiredelune, and Level 70 Female Orc Hunter, Tessamae, both in Jaded Steel. Obviously NOT blasting my way thru Wrath. I also have an Orc Death Knight, Clawhara, who is damn fun to play, but doing the Outlands yet again is tempering the fun and motivation.

WoW: I am obsessed, not addicted :) And it is all jourdannex's fault.

Second Life: Soiredelune Sorbet - see my Flickr for how I spend time in SL (paper dolls, playing dressup, playing house, shopping)

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The B-Boys, Beau and Brodie

Once upon a time I had a rather lengthy intro on this page, not a bio really, more what I am and what I desire...but all that is in my LJ if you care to look...

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